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What about the blog?

We are retiring the blog as a separate way of communicating with members. Old news can still be be found at

Enjoy a summer break without the minimum fee - UPDATED

Unfortunately some of the  minimum fee free opportunities were lost due to the bushfires. To make upfor this, nominimum fees will apply for the rest of the green season (to end April 2020).

Usually in summer the club needs to apply a minimum fee of $300 to cover the costs of opening and closing the lodge. This can be an obstacle for small groups wanting short stays. For the last few years we have waived the fee at popular times to encourage members and guests to enjoy Falls Creek in "green" season. For this summer, the following nights will not attract the minimum fee.

Occasion   Nights

Ignition (mountain bike season opening)

 Fri 22 Nov - Sat 23 Nov
Christmas - New Year  Sat 21 Dec - Sat 11 Jan
Australia Day  Fri 24 - Mon 27 Jan
Mountain Bike Interschools Wed 26 - Sat 29 Feb

Peaks Challenge / Labour Day  / Longest Lunch
(higher rates & extra services apply for Fri 6 - Sun 8)

 Fri 6 - Sat 14 Mar
Easter  Thur 9 - Tue 14 Apr

Lodge No Smoking rule

The club has a long standing policy of no smoking indoors, although smoking has been permitted on the balcony outside the dining room. The committee has received a number of complaints about smoking on the balcony and requests to no longer allow it. After due consideration, the committee decided that it was appropriate to extend the smoking ban to all areas of the lodge, effective immediately.

Change to club age limit for children

The committee has decided to increase the age limit for child rates to 18.

  • Children are eligible for child accommodation rates at the lodge for an extra year. 
  • Junior members will not need to pay the intermediate membership instalment until they turn 18, nor pay the intermediate rate for annual subscriptions till then. 
  • The higher age limit will also mean on becoming intermediate members, they will be able to stay at the lodge without parental supervision.

Increase in joining fees

The Non-Refundable Joining Fee has not been increased for many years. We are now in a situation where there is more demand for new memberships than members wishing to sell debentures. Accordingly the committee has decided to increase the NRJF to $3000 + GST. The debenture cost remains at $4000.

The instalment amounts for juniors/intermediates have been reviewed accordingly. Existing junior and intermediate members will not be affected by the increase. The increase in the initial fee for new juniors is modest, with the bulk of the increase being applied at the intermediate stage.

The threshold age for intermediate memberships will increase from 17 to 18. This will also be matched by adult accommodation rates beginning at 18 years of age.

Detailed membership costs


More season pass news

The lift co have added some more information to the Epic Australia Pass FAQ page

  • There will be an over 70s season pass for $199
  • There will be a 4 and under season pass. It will cost $49. It's not clear if free/cheap day passes will be an alternative for this age group.
  • These passes cover Falls, Hotham and Perisher but no overseas resorts. They do not include any other discounts/benefits such as lessons, rentals, lift co shops.
  • There will no longer be locals' passes

The guaranteed lowest price deadline was 10 September. It went up by $20 then. The next price rise is advertised as 13 October but it is not know how much it will go up by. 

Stop Press - School Holiday Specials

The last couple of seasons have seen great snow right through to closing weekend, but very few members making use of the lodge. To encourage you to have a last hurrah for the season, we will trial some great end of season discounts

  • Members and other AAC stay at summer rates for the Victorian school holidays (Sun 22/9 - Thur 3/10)
  • Guests stay at 30% off normal off-peak rates for the Victorian school holidays (Sun 22/9 - Thur 3/10)
  • Closing weekend at summer rates for all (Fri 4/10 - Sat 5/10)

Book online now

The prices in the booking system may not reflect the discount but rest assured that the discount will be applied by the booking officer.

Sunny September skiing

The average snow depth is still over 125cm. The skiing continues to be very good with great grooming in the mornings and soft off-piste in the afternoons.

The lift co and resort management are even  offering a Midweek Magic discount with Tue,-Wed-Thur lift and/or parking for the price of 2 days.

There are still vacancies at the lodge, so check out the booking system and make the best of this September.

Toboggan ban in the village

Resort management announced that there were so many people toboganning unsafely in the village that the little slope in the village has been closed. Toboggans will no longer be allowed on Gully chair. The only place they may be used is the slope at Windy Corner

Lift Co news - Aug 2019

Epic Pass

The 2020 Epic Australia Passes are on sale. The advertised prices are valid to 10 September. They could increase after that.

The Epic Australia Pass entitles holders to ski/board for Australian 2020 season at Falls, Hotham and Perisher, and at various oversesa destinations in the following northern hemisphere season. There are restrictions on busy periods and a limited number of days at some resorts. If youplan on skiing a bit at Perisher, there is an optional Skitube add-on. You can also choose to upgrade to an Epic Australia Plus pass which has less restrictions on overseas resorts. 

There is also an Epic Pass that is a US dollar pass that will apply to the Northern hemisphere 2019/20 season and our 2020 season. It has the most resorts and least restrictions.

  • Adults $829, made up of $49 initial payment then $780 balance in May 2020
  • Students $469
  • Seniors 65+ $639

It is not clear what wll be offered for over 70s. I've heard that this year Perisher had a ticket that cost a bit under $200 but it was not announced until May.

More info at

Management change

  • General Manger Sharon Raguse has moved on from the lift company

Race Week

Race Week culminated with a glorious Race Day on Saturday 3rd August. Such a contrast to the previous 2 years! 

waiting at the start


The evening was topped off with a theme of White/Lunar to coincide with 50 years of Man on the Moon. Fabulous costumes & plenty of Astronauts made an appearance too.

More photos in the 2019 Album

David and Karinda P

Noel & Deb P

Steve & Sue F

James & Bron W