We are pleased to advise that Summer bookings are open and the Lodge will reopen from December 1, 2021. 

UPDATE: The threshold where vaccinations are required is now12 years of age

With COVID restrictions lifting in line with vaccination targets being met and Melbourne exiting its lengthy lockdown, we expect travel to Alpine areas will be in high demand this Summer. Our desire to open up is strong, but we also need to keep in step with the Government's latest updates so things may change as we progress through Summer and into Winter. For opening up on December 1, the Committee has made the decision that all people aged 16 years and over staying in the Lodge will need to be double vaccinated. We expect regulations to continue to allow more people in the Lodge when everyone is vaccinated, so requiring full vaccination will maximise the number of people who can stay and help restore lost revenue from the past two years. As younger cohorts are able to be fully vaccinated, the committee will review the minimum age. 

Proof of each person's double vaccination via their vaccination certificate may be requested when the booking is made. The QR code check-in at the Lodge will remain in place for summer. The Service Victoria App has now been updated to allow individuals to link their vaccination certificate with the App. When you do the QR check-in at the Lodge (and other premises on the mountain), your vaccination status will also be verified at that time if you have linked your certificate to the app. The Lodge Manager may also check for this verification. 

So, if you're from Melbourne, or any area that has been under lockdown, why not recharge with some quality time with friends and family at Falls Creek this summer? Enjoy your stay!