The recent COVID restriction changes have brought the Lodge some good news, and some bad.

Who can come?

It's fantastic that Melbourne people can come to the lodge now, but very sad that many NSW people cannot. Wollongong and all of Greater Sydney have been declared Red Zones and no one from these areas may enter Victoria until advised otherwise. Please contact the booking officer as soon as possible if you or your guests have been in these areas.

Pre-visit COVID testing for Melbournians is still recommended, but no longer mandatory. Whilst not mandatory, if you can have a test done before arriving, it will be reassuring to Members and Guests that we are all doing our best to keep the Lodge COVID free.

For opening weekend, Resort Management advised that the Lodge capacity was limited to the private gathering cap. Now the capacity is limited instead by the 1 person per 4sqm rule. (Before the outbreak it was double this.) Although the Lodge is big enough to allow us to fill all the beds, the dining room and adjoining kitchen and mezzanine lounge are not big enough to allow everyone in that space at the same time.


To maximise the number of people who can stay at the Lodge, the Committee has decided to roster meal times rather than severely limit the number of people who can stay. We understand that this constraint may be very inconvenient but it is the best way to allow as many members as possible to enjoy the Lodge while the 4sqm rule is in place. 

When there are more than 24 people booked into the Lodge, you will be assigned a time slot for breakfast and dinner. Other times of the day are less likely to be crowded so we ask that you just observe the capacity limit of 24.

Meal  Session 1   Session 2
Breakfast   7:15-8:15  8:15-9:15
Dinner  5:30-7:00  7:00-8:30


You must not use the kitchen, dining room or mezzanine lounge during a session that you are not allocated. If you don't want to stay in your room, remember that the games room & TV room will be open, and the spa in the evening.

You can express a preference to the Booking Officer but if too many people want the same session, he will have the final say. Getting to morning lessons and feeding children will be considerations.  

If you are coming at a time when rostering is in place, please keep to meals that can be easily and quickly prepared in that time frame. If you are in the 2nd session for dinner, you will not have access to the kitchen during the early session.

Sunday Blockout

As previously advised, the additional cleaning requirements mean that in busy weeks, we cannot admit Sunday arrivals until Monday. This will take effect from Sunday 4 July. If your booking was set to start on a Sunday, you may not check in until 3pm Monday. If you drop off luggage or access the ski room prior to 3pm Monday, you must also sign-in using the government QR system and you must not come up the stairs.


Don't forget that you need to complete the Liability Waiver and Patron Health Accommodation Questionnaire for everyone in your party and return them to the Booking officer before departing for the Lodge.

Falls Creek Resort Management also requires you to purchase and print off resort entry permits/oversnow tickets, etc before arriving in the resort. The Howmans ticket box and the ATS will not be able to process these, at least until further notice. Keep an eye on the Falls Creek resort website for up to date information. Resort entry Season Pass holders must still register their visits at least 48 hours before arrival, but need not print out the permit (you still need to display your Season Pass on your windscreen).

Our full COVID Safe Plan is a rather bulky document that includes much material of little interest to most members and guests. A summary of our COVID Safe Plan has been published to more succinctly inform members and guests about how the lodge will operate. These documents will be revised in the next few days to reflect clarifications and new advice that is expected to come through. The table below summarises factors that may override the summary.  

Keep up to date with the changes

The most up-to-date information will be published on the wesite Be sure to check for the latest information.

Hopefully we will soon see the 2sqm rule reinstated and NSW hotspots cleared up.

Key settings from 25 June 


People (over 12 years old) coming from "Melbourne Metro" are recommended to have a negative COVID test within 72 hours of departing Melbourne. 

Wollongong and all of Greater Sydney have been declared Red Zones and people who have been there recently may not enter Victoria.

Lodge Capacity  46
Meals rostered When more than 24 people are staying at the lodge
Visitors Not until restrictions ease
Bedrooms shared between bookings Not until restrictions ease
Masks Must be worn indoors unless eating, drinking or otherwise exempt
COVID cleaning surcharge $5 per person per night
Sunday blockout Will commence on Sunday 4 July. If your booking was to begin on a Sunday, do not come until Monday now.
Physical distancing At least 1.5m where feasible
Density 1 person per 4sqm in all common areas


Travelling from interstate?

  1. QR code check-in is mandatory at the Lodge and nearly everywhere on the mountain. This will be easiest if you install the Service Victoria app on your smart phone
  2. You will need an entry permit for Victoria. Unless you are coming from a hotspot, it is a formaility akin to checking-in in case they need to find you later. However, from Friday 25 June, all LGAs in Greater Sydney, and Wollongong LGA, have been declared as Red Zones and people who have been there are not permitted to enter Victoria. 
  3. Check the border and quarantine rules for your State (and any States you will transit)