The Lodge is open but very constrained by government restrictions regarding who can stay. The situation has been changing rapidly and often with very short notice. Please bear with us as we strive to accommodate as many bookings as Government restrictions allow. Our booking officer Alan Long has the onerous task of adjusting the bookings and communicating directly members who have booked. Please don't shoot the messenger!

The limit on the capacity of the lodge is the same as the Victorian government's cap on private gatherings.

This is currently a single household (or intimate partner or single bubble) plus 2 adults and their dependents. 

Hopefully by 18 June, Melbourne based Members and Guests will be permitted to travel to the Lodge, however at this stage we are still not permitted to take new bookings from Melbourne based residents. We are allowing Melbourne members to express interest in future booking times using the normal tentative booking request process. No bookings from Melbourne members can be confirmed at this time.

If there are more bookings than permitted by the restrictions, the Booking Officer will have discretion to determine which eligible bookings can use the Lodge. 

Keeping up to date with changes

Some additional government guidelines for alpine resorts were published last week. Our full COVID Safe Plan has been revised to ensure that it still complies. This is a rather bulky document that includes much material of little interest to most Members and Guests. We had previously prepared a summary of our COVID Safe Plan so you can see at a glance how we expect to operate this Winter. The table below summarises factors  that may override the summary.

Of course we respond to any updates in government advice. The best way for you to keep abreast of lodge contions is to check the COVID status on the club website.

Major changes to a normal season in the Lodge

  • Before this outbreak, we had been hoping that cleaning requirements for shared accommodation would be eased. Unfortunately that is not the case. Once we get busy, we will need to close the Lodge from 11am Sunday to 3pm Monday each week for thorough deep cleaning of the entire Lodge. Before the latest lockdown, we expected this to start in the middle of Victorian school holidays on Sunday 4 July, with all bookings that were due to start on the Sunday to be postponed until the Monday. If the cap on private gatherings remains low, the introduction of the Sunday night block-out may be delayed from July 4th due to the low volume of people that can be in the Lodge under those restrictions. For Members and Guests who have a booking that spans two consecutive weeks, they will be allowed to remain in the Lodge but with some restrictions so as not to interfere with the deep cleaning.
  • We have also had to introduce a COVID cleaning surcharge of $5 per head per night. This will apply equally to all categories of members, guests and children.
  • You must bring masks to the lodge. Depending on government restrictions at the time, you may need to wear them whenever you are outside your bedroom. You will need them in all venues and vehicles throughout the resort.
  • You will need to be mindful of social distancing in common areas and scupulous about hygienne.
  • You will need to complete a Liability Waiver and a Patron Health Accommodation Questionnaire before you travel to the Lodge, which will be provided to you via e-mail.
  • If you are arriving on a Sunday, or Monday after a block-out day, you are requested to arrive at the Lodge between 3pm and 6pm. The meet and greet session that evening will brief you on the COVID conditions in the Lodge as well as the normal information. If you are arriving on a different day or cannot arrive by 6pm on Sunday/Monday, you will need to text the Lodge Manager to advise her of your estimated arrival time.
  • Please read the summary of our COVID Safe Plan for a fuller idea of how this year will differ from a normal season at the Lodge.

Hopefully the restrictions will ease soon and we can enjoy the lodge together this winter.

Key settings

Hotspots   No Melbourne residents or people who have visited Melbourne recently
Lodge Capacity  One household plus 2 adults and their dependents
Visitors Not allowed until capacity permits
Bedrooms shared between bookings Not until restrictions ease
Masks Must be worn indoors unless eating, drinking or otherwise exempt
COVID cleaning surcharge $5 per person per night for all categories of members & guests
Sunday blockout Expected to commence on Sunday 4 July but may be delayed if private gathering cap remains very low
Physical distancing At least 1.5m where feasible
Density 1 person per 2sqm in all common areas

 Travelling from interstate?

  1. QR code check in is mandatory at the lodge and nearly everywhere on the mountain. This will be easiest if you install the Service Victoria app on your smart phone
  2. You will need an entry permit fror Victoria. Unless you are coming from a hotspot, it is a formaility akin to checking in, in case they need to find you later
  3. Check the border and quarantine rules for your state (and any states you will transit)