COVID Status

Last Update: 27 November 2021 
(Recent changes highlighted)

The lodge will reopen on 1 December. You can make bookings now.

Victoria has now entered Phase D of the COVID roadmap. Everyone* staying at the lodge will need to provide the booking officer with proof of full vaccination or an official exemption.

 Details of government requirements for shared accommodation are not yet completely clear. COVID Safe operations for summer at the lodge will continue to be refined.

(* aged 12 years & 2 months or over at time of stay)

While current cleaning requirements are in force

  • The manager will clean the lodge at the end of your stay. You should still wipe down surfaces in your bedroom.
  • A day will be blocked out for new bookings to allow for end of stay cleaning. In summer our managers have other jobs and cleaning needs to fit in..
  • A surcharge will be applied when there are concurrent bookings to cover twice daily touch point cleaning. This will be apportioned on a per bed per night basis

The most important Covid Safe rules in the lodge are:

  • You must be fully vaccinated
  • Sign in with the QR code system every day
  • Don't come if you have COVID-19 symptoms or are required to isolate or quarantine or are awaiting a test result
  • Bring masks, just in case


Keep any eye on the Falls Creek resort website for up to date information about the resort. 

The most up-to-date information will be published here. Be sure to check for the latest information.
 Our full COVID Safe Plan is a rather bulky document that includes much material of little interest to most members and guests. A summary of our COVID Safe Plan more succinctly informs members and guests about how the lodge will operate. These documents are being revised to reflect latest clarifications and new advice. The table below summarises factors that may override the summary.   

Key settings from 1 December

Restictions on who may stay
  • Anyone at or over the threshold age at time of stay will be required to provide proof of vaccination (or official exemption).
Vaccination Threshold Age 12 years and 2 months
Lodge Capacity  46
Rostering of meal times Not required
Visitors Not permitted

Bedrooms shared between

  • households
  • bookings



To be confirmed

Masks Should be carried in case required
COVID cleaning surcharge
  • End of stay cleaning will be covered by the minimum booking fee
  • When multiple concurrent bookings are in the lodge, there will be an additional fee per bed per night for touch point daily cleaning (expected to be $100 per night, shared between all patrons)
Physical distancing Recommended
Density Not applicable


Travelling from interstate?

  1. QR code check-in is mandatory at the lodge and nearly everywhere on the mountain. This will be easiest if you install the Service Victoria app on your smart phone.
  2. Familiarise yourself with any restrictions in force in Victoria.
  3. Since 25 November travel permits to enter Victoria are not required. We suggest you check Victorian entry permits that conditions that have not changed before you travel. 
  4. Check the border and quarantine rules for your state (and any states you will transit)

Waitlist Procedure (Summary)

The Waitlist facility in the booking system allows members to register their interest in weekend or other non-standard bookings earlier than when bookings open 19 days prior to the start date.

To make it easier and fairer to make weekend and other non-standard bookings, procedures for the Waitlist facility in the booking system has been reviewed.

  1. Waitlist requests cannot be submitted until after 18 March.  
  2. Each member will be allowed to submit up to 3 waitlist requests for the season. The booking officer will delete surplus requests.
  3. Use the comments field in the booking to express any priority between your bookings, eg if one is more important because it is for a special event.
  4. If a booking includes multiple members, it will count as a waitlist request for each individual member (eg if a couple who are members request a weekend, it counts as a waitlist request for each of them).
  5. Payment is due immediately when a waitlist request is approved.
  6. If your waitlist request cannot be met, you will be eligible to make another waitlist request.
  7. The booking officer will allocate waitlist bookings according to these criteria, in this order
    1. member priority rules (ie bookings with highest proportion of members take precedence)
    2. maximise lodge occupancy
    3. a fair go for all members (eg favour someone who has not had a waitlist granted over someone who has, some consideration of reasons cited in comments for specific dates requested)
    4. early date of submitting the request

For more information see the Waitlist Request booking policy

Trial of early approval of eligible waitlist bookings

On a trial basiss, eligible waitlist requests will be approved from 1 June, where eligible means

  • only members, spouse and their children, and
  • the preceding midweek is full, and
  • the booking is paid for immediately on request from the booking officer.

Online Booking System

The CBDWEB booking system was introduced in 2018 and members found it much simpler to use. 

From 1 February make winter bookings online.

Go to the Online Booking System

Summer bookings can be made online at any time.

There used to be special provisions If you were booking for June/July Victorian School Holidays, These no longer apply.

User Instructions will guide you through how to check occupancy and make a booking.

Normal booking rules apply and will be enforced by the Booking Officer, even if the online system does not enforce them.

A booking is not confirmed until payment is verified and you receive a confirmation email from the Booking Officer.

Booking Contact

To book accommodation at AAC Falls Creek, please contact our booking agent:

Alan Long

Phone: 0409 417 253 Mon-Fri 6pm-8:30pm
Post: 24 St James Rd Heidelberg 3084

email booking officer

Booking Documents

AAC Booking Information is now easy to read online

or download a printable document
AAC Booking information sheet(pdf)
(best printed double sided with flip on short side)


Online Booking System Instructions (pdf)

Booking Form (xls)