The CBDWEB booking system was introduced in 2018 and members found it much simpler to use. Please try it to check lodge availability and make bookings.

From 1 February make winter bookings online.

Go to the Online Booking System

Summer bookings can be made online at any time.

If you are booking for June/July Victorian School Holidays, there are special provisions in the online booking system. Booking requests will be accepted until 15 March without reserving any beds. The Booking Officer will then allocate beds in accordance with AAC priority policy and advise members of whether they have been sucessful. Read that section of the user instructions carefully.

User Instructions will guide you through how to check occupancy and make a booking.

Normal booking rules apply and will be enforced by the Booking Officer, even if the online system does not enforce them.

A booking is not confirmed until payment is verified and you receive a confirmation email from the Booking Officer.