Updated October 2023


When bookings open for members on 1 February, the only winter bookings that can be submitted are restricted to

  • 5, 7, 12 or 14 nights, beginning on a Sunday
  • Opening weekend
  • Race weekend

Other bookings only open much closer to the date of the intended stay

  • For AAC Falls Creek members, 19 days prior
  • For other AAC members, 16 days prior
  • For guests, 15 days prior

This is a booking rule of long standing.

Prior to the implementation of online booking systems, the booking officer received (and welcomed) requests for weekend and other non-standard bookings ahead of the official lead times. These could be pencilled in and if no higher priority bookings were received in the meantime, they were confirmed at the official opening time for that period.
This practice meant that the booking officer could make better room allocations throughout the season, minimising the need for room changes while optimising lodge occupancy.

Introduction of Online Waitlist Facility

With the introduction of the CBDWEB booking system in 2018, this “pencilling in” process was automated using the Waitlist facility. This allowed members to submit requests online for weekends and other “non-standard” bookings, prior to the opening for those bookings. The booking officer reviewed those requests 19 days prior to the intended date of stay and informed members whether or not they were successful. Payment is due immediately.

The Waitlist facility also allows members to express an interest in staying if a vacancy later occurs. This has rarely been used.

Members had mixed reactions to the Waitlist facility. The Committee has reviewed this and determined that overall it is a useful facility that makes it easier for members to secure the bookings they would like. However, some refinement, together with greater transparency is needed.

Modified Procedures for Waitlist

  1. Waitlist requests cannot be submitted until after 18 March to allow requests for standard bookings to be allocated. 
  2. Each member will be allowed to submit up to 3 waitlist requests for the season. This limit is not automated but the booking officer will delete surplus requests.
  3. Members should use the comments field in the booking to express any priority between their bookings, eg if one is more important because it is for a special event
  4. If a booking includes multiple members, it will count as a waitlist request for each individual member (eg if a couple who are members request a weekend, it counts as a waitlist request for each of them)
  5. Payment is due immediately when a waitlist request is approved
  6. If a waitlist request cannot be met, the member will be eligible to make another waitlist request
  7. The booking officer will allocate waitlist bookings according to these criteria, in this order
    1. member priority rules (ie bookings with highest proportion of members take precedence)
    2. maximise lodge occupancy
    3. a fair go for all members (eg favour someone who has not had a waitlist granted over someone who has; some consideration of reasons cited in comments for specific dates requested)
    4. early date of submitting the request
  8. As in all bookings, the booking officer has the sole discretion in allocating waitlist requests

This procedure is for Waitlisted Bookings only. Members booking in the normal manner of 19/16/15 days ahead of a stay can book as often as vacancies allow.


Trial of early approval of eligible waitlist bookings

On a trial basiss, eligible waitlist requests will be approved from 1 April (previously 1 June), where eligible means

  • only members, spouse and their children, and
  • the preceding midweek is full, and
  • the booking is paid for immediately on request from the booking officer.