A Member may reserve a room for themselves in limited circumstances.

The number of rooms available for single bookings will be limited to ensure that Member access to the Lodge is not significantly restricted by exclusive single bookings.

Exclusive use by a single is only available to a Member of AAC Falls Creek, for themself.

The single supplement will be in addition to the normal fee and will be equal to the fee due for the Member (i.e. Adult Member fee or U18 Member fee, depending on the age of the Member).

As in all bookings, the Booking Officer has the sole discretion in allocating exclusive single use bookings, but will be guided by these criteria

  • a fair go for all Members (e.g. favour someone who has not had a prior request granted over someone who has; some consideration of reasons cited in comments for specific dates requested)
  • early date of submitting the request
  • maximise Lodge occupancy


There has been increasing interest in Members being allowed to book a room for themselves without needing to share with another single. The 2021 AGM requested that the Committee give consideration to making this possible.

A singles booking policy must balance the needs of Members who do not wish to share a room with the demand for beds from other Members and the risk of diminished revenue to cover the Club's expenses. The Committee has determined that a limited number of rooms may be booked by singles.

In quieter times or if there are vacancies close to the intended time of stay, the Booking Officer may allow additional bookings for exclusive single use.

The booking system does not have the facility to smoothly automate exclusive use bookings. The Booking Officer will enable the policy where the system cannot.


  • This was trialled in 2022, updated for 2024.
  • At any one time, only 3 rooms in total may be booked for exclusive use by a single.
  • Only rooms 6, 8 and 11 are available for exclusive single bookings.
  • In summer and at times of low demand the booking officer may allow additional rooms to be booked for exclusive single use.
  • To book a room exclusively for a single
    • Book 2 beds in one of the allowed rooms: one for the Member, the other to be assigned to one of the dummy Members set up for this purpose:

Empty, Adult #1 OR

Empty, Adult #2 OR

Empty, Adult #3 

    • It is important to use one of these or the supplement will attract the wrong fee (i.e. Guest rates)
    • Each of these dummy names can only occupy one bed in the Lodge at a time, so you may need trial and error to find one that is unused. We understand that this is clunky but it is a limitation of the booking system.
    • Or contact the Booking Officer
    • If the Member who is seeking exclusive single use of a room is under 18, the dummy names to use to reserve the other bed are:

Empty, U18 #1

Empty, U18 #2

Empty, U18 #3

    • Use of the dummy name should ensure that correct supplement fee is applied.
  • Bookings that do not comply with theses conditions may be cancelled or modified by the Booking Officer.
  • Closer to the intended time of stay, if there are vacancies the Booking Officer may allow additional rooms to be booked for exclusive single use. The same 19 day threshold that applies to weekend bookings will apply to additional exclusive single use rooms.