It's almost time to book your winter stays, so this article highlights changes in booking procedures and at the lodge.

There are no major changes in the booking system this year, but there are a few minor tweaks:

  • Room 7 will no longer be included in the rooms available for exclusive single occupancy. It is being converted to a twin room similar to rooms 5 and 12.
  • Some members have asked if waitlist bookings can be confirmed earlier. This needs to be a balance between optimising lodge occupancy, giving members some certainty, and preserving member booking priority. Eligible waitlist requests will now be confirmed in early April, not on 1 June as previously. Eligible means: 
    • only members, spouse and their children, and
    • the preceding midweek is full, and
    • the booking is paid for immediately on request from the booking officer.

Other waitlist requests will continue to be confirmed 19 days prior to stay for members (16 days prior for other AAC members and 15 days prior for guests). See the Book page for an explanation of waitlisting.  

Here are some timely reminders of changes that have been made in the last few years:

  • Sadly we need to be more aware of hackers and scammers. Invoices and emails from the booking system no longer include EFT details. You can log onto the booking system to pay using the Eway secure payment gateway or to see the club's EFT details. If you see EFT details in emails from the booking system, the email has probably been modified by hackers. Do not pay into that account.
  • You are encouraged to nominate an emergency contact by updating your member details in the booking system.
  • Members can register their immediate (non-member) spouse and children in the booking system to make it easier to book them in, especially during the Family priority booking period from 8-14 March. If you haven't already done this then you might like to consider doing it ahead of making bookings for 2024. See Registering Family Members in the booking system for more information.
  • Prompt payment for bookings is expected. The Booking Officer will cancel bookings not paid for in the appropriate time. This is within 7 days for normal bookings and 1 day for approved waitlist requests.
  • Continental breakfasts will be provided on peak season Sundays, not cooked breakfasts. 

The Ski Lodge Details tab in the booking system and the Book tab on the club website cover most of the information you need to make a booking and prepare for your stay. The email that is sent 7 days prior to your stay has important information about your stay, including the door code. Please check these resources to see if they answer your questions before contacting the booking officer.