We've made a few changes to how bookings work this year, reflecting changes in booking demand and also to improve how the system works

Victorian June/July School Holidays

  • There are no longer special conditions for Victioran June/July school holidays. Book for this period as you would for any other winter period


  • The waitlist facility has been very popular with members wishing to make weekend bookings. We want to make this even more effective by eliminating wasted opportunities for short bookings.
  • Waitlisting requests for bookings weekends and other non-standard bookings can be submitted after 18 March.
  • Occasionally people made waitlist requests but did not require them when the time came to approve the booking. By the time it was clear that the booking was not required, it was sometimes too late for someone else to take up the opportunity.
  • Now, if you make a waitlist request, you will be sent an email approx 1 week before the opening date for the booking. You will be asked to confirm within 2 days that you still want it. If you do not respond promptly, the waitlist request will lapse. 
  • Once approved, immediate payment for the booking is required or it will lapse. 
  • See the full waitlist policy

Payment must be made promptly

  • Some members have been quite slow to pay for bookings. In some cases bookings were cancelled very late, having never been paid for. 
  • The booking officer will now cancel bookings not paid for in the appropriate time. This is within 7 days for normal bookings and 1 day for approved waitlist requests.

Late season discount

  • Stay at the lodge from Fri 25 September to end of season (Victorian September/OctoberSchool Holidays) for a special low rate, approx 17% lower than winter off-peak rates.

Booking into other AAC lodges

  • You can now logon on to Anton and Dinner Plain booking systems using your AAC Falls Creek logon credentials. Hopefully Perisher will join in soon.

Tighter enforcement of booking priority

  • The long-standing booking rules state that only bookings for members open on 1 February. Bookings for family of members must wait till 8 March and other guests till 15 March. Bookings for members of other AAC lodges open on 1 March. 
  • To improve the enforcement of this rule, on any night a member can only be booked into one bed in their own name.
  • You can use the comment section of a booking to tell the booking officer if you intend booking for others as well.

Room 7

  • At the time of writing, we are hoping to convert Room 7 to a twin, like room 12. The bushfires affected building schedules and it is not yet clear if the conversion can be done this summer. In the meantime, Room 7 is shown as a twin in the booking system to avoid the risk of overbooking.


  • The booking information sheet has been replaced by web-based information. You can read this online or download it as a PDF, or just download selected sections. The Falls Creek specific information is also provided at aacfallscreek.com/book.html .
  • The booking system user guide is being updated to reflect these changes. This may not be complete by opening of bookings