Date: May 2018


To complement clauses 9 and 10 of the Rules of Association by clarifying the process for admitting a Life Member and associated administrative matters

9.      The committee may admit any person (whether or not a member) as an honorary life member
 10.   (1)  An honorary life member will not be liable to pay the annual subscription;
  (2) An honorary life member will be entitled to all the rights and privileges of a member.


  1. Eligibility
    • Life Membership of AAC Falls Creek recognises exceptional service to the club and/or AAC National, usually over many years.
    • Life Membership is not granted on the basis of length of membership.
    • The Rules of Association allow for non-members to be nominated, but this would be an extraordinary circumstance.
  2. Process
    1. Submission
      • A member may nominate a person for life membership by written submission to the secretary.
      • The submission must be seconded by another member.
      • The submission must set out the exceptional services provided by the nominee, including as far as possible the relevant years, positions held, projects where major contributions were made or other justifications for the nomination.
      • The submission should not assume that the committee has any knowledge of the contribution made by the nominee. Sufficient information needs to be provided to allow the committee to understand the significance of the nominee’s contribution.
    2. Consideration
      • The committee will discuss the nomination and either
        • agree to admit the Life Member, or
        • request further information, or
        • advise the proposer that the nomination has been unsuccessful.
    3. Announcement
      • The committee will consult with the proposer, and others as appropriate, to determine how and where the Life Membership will be announced and/or presented.
  3. Annual subscriptions and other fees
    • A Life Member will be exempt from paying annual subscriptions, commencing from 1 January after being admitted to Life Membership. Other fees and levies are still payable unless explicitly excluded by the committee.
    • Eg as of 2018, Capital Raising Levy and Locker fees are payable.
    • Life Members may use the AAC Falls Creek lodge and other AAC lodges under the same conditions as other members.
  4. Debentures
    • In most cases a person nominated for life membership will already hold a debenture. In the rare case of a non-debenture holder being nominated, no debenture will be issued.
    • If a life member decides to transfer or sell his or her debenture, the life membership is extinguished.


This policy is subject to Committee review from time to time.

Changes to fee and levy exclusions do not require a change to this policy