The Rules of Association allow for lower annual subscriptions for members unable to use the lodge for extended periods of time. This is intended primarily for members who are overseas for some years. The club relies on annual subscription fees to contribute to the fixed costs of the lodge.

The Committee may determine that a lower annual subscription is payable by members unable to use the lodge for extended periods of time, subject to approval of a written application to the Committee. Associated conditions and procedures may be determined by the Committee from time to time. When members pay lower subscriptions pursuant to this subrule 14(3)(b), they will be deemed to be suspended and have no rights of members


  1. Applications to the committee must be made in writing (including email).
  2. Only full members aged 25 and over are eligible. Junior members, Intermediate members and other members under 25 already pay a discounted rate and no further discount will be granted.
  3. Applications will only be considered when the member is unable to use the lodge for at least 2 consecutive years.
  4. Applicants should provide an overseas contact address.
  5. This provision is intended for members who are overseas. In special circumstances it may be granted for other reasons. However, applicants should be aware that it is for cases where members are unable to use the lodge, not just for members who choose not to use the lodge for an extended time.
  6. Suspended members may be asked to provide information to support the ongoing suspension, or the committee may terminate the suspension if it believes that the member is no longer eligible.

Rights of suspended members

  1. Successful applicants will have their membership suspended and will have no booking, voting or other rights.
  2. The committee will review the applicable subscription rate from time to time. As of 2016 it is 50% of the normal subscription rate and 50% of the Lodge Development Fund fee. The full locker fee, if applicable, must be paid.
  3. Where a special levy has been approved by the committee (eg capital raising) a suspended member may choose to delay payment of the levy for the duration of the suspension. The levy will fall due when the member is no longer eligible for suspended membership and must be paid in full before the member can stay at the lodge or exercise other rights of membership.
  4. When they are no longer eligible, a suspended member must pay the difference between the inactive member rate and the full fees for that year.


This policy is subject to Committee review from time to time.

Last reviewed February 2016