A locker policy has been implemented to make best use of the lockers available at the Falls Creek Huette. The next stage in implementing the policy is the introduction of a $10 Locker Fee from 2010. If you have a locker, you can expect an invoice for this fee.

The Locker Policy in full:

AAC Falls Creek Policy : Lockers
Date : November 2009, amended 2013, 2016



To allow the equitable use of the 98 limited number of lockers across the membership and to allow the responsible transfer of use of the lockers as a club asset occupying space in the FC Huette.
In general:

1 membership debenture will entitle the adult debenture holder to a request for 1 locker.
Lockers will be returned to the club on relinquishing a debenture.
Lockers will be transferred with the debenture if the debenture is transferred to a family member.


The committee will maintain a register of lockers with Member Names and Debenture Numbers. To be reviewed annually at the Working Bee and/or the Committee weekend.
If a locker is unclaimed then it will be reallocated by the locker sub committee or the full committee.

Initial Implementation:

A $50 credit against future locker fees will be attributed to each member holding a locker as at 2000 as per the register held at that time and still a financial member.


From calendar year 2010, additional invoices will be sent to each member for the sum of the "Locker Fee" for each locker held.
For As at 2010 the "Locker Fee" was is set at $10 p.a.
The fee was increased to $12 in 2016 and will be reviewed from time to time.


This policy is subject to Committee review from time to time.
Changes to the fee do not require amendments to this policy.

Note: The fee was increased to $20 from 2022 


Amendments in 2013 marked in red

Amendments in 2016 marked in purple