April 2022


To explicitly state the club practices regarding how the relevant Rules of Association are implemented in cancellation of debentures of defaulting members 

Relevant Rules of Association

Rule 13 (8)

Rule 14 (6) & (7)

Rule 22


  1. The trigger to begin the process of cancellation is the greater of arrears of $1000 or 2 years' annual subscriptions. 
  2. Additional administraive fees will not be charged for the cancellation process. (This does not apply in the event of legal costs.)
  3. The defaulting member will be given 30 days to show cause why their debenture should not be cancelled, using the most recent contact details they have provided to the club.
  4. The member may opt to pay all outstanding sums and go on the Wait to Sell list.
  5. If no satisfactory response is received within 30 days, the debenture can be cancelled.
  6. In accordance with long standing practice of the club, there will be no refund of any balance.


This policy is subject to Committee review from time to time.