Ably led by Tom Harrington our Lodge Supervisor and nourished by Jess, the Lodge was whipped into shape for the new season.

The tasks completed included replacing mattresses, general repairs, cleaning windows, BBQ, kitchen and stacking the firewood to name a few.

Some photos of our volunteers in action follow.

Deep cleaning the kitchen and all the items in it, 

2024 AAC FC Working Bee stove cleaning 1

 2024 AAC FC Working Bee kitchen deep clean utensils   

cobweb removal, inside and out, 

2024 AAC FC Working Bee outside cobweb removal 2

moving several tonnes of fire wood off the road above the lodge... 

2024 AAC FC Fire wood moved off the road ready for Working Bee web 

installing a slide on the hill behind the back kitchen door...

2024 AAC FC Working Bee fire wood transfer slide installation 1

then sliding it down, handing each wood block along the chain to finally stack in the cellar.

2024 AAC FC Working Bee fire wood transfer 2