Falls Creek hosted the Australian Alpine Clubs Interclubs race weekend on Saturday the 9th of September 2023. Dinner Plain, Perisher, Niseko, Anton and of course Falls Creek were represented.  

The Rosyln Wesche Memorial Cup is the trophy everyone is keen to win, named to honour and remember, Roslyn, who at 18 was the only person killed at Kunama Huette ski lodge when the avalanche hit on Mount Kosciusko in 1956.  

Perisher came third in the Rosyln Wesche Memorial Cup, while Falls Creek won the Masters.

Top results and teams in order were:

1 Anton Huette - James, Thomas, Caitlin - 128.42 seconds

2 Falls Creek B team - Tash, William, James, Harry - 130.23 seconds

3 Falls Creek A team - Ross, Mel, Matt, Tim - 131.44 seconds

4 Falls Masters - Ross, Viv, John, Nigel - 134.92 seconds