This year the subs invoices are being sent out using the booking system. This means that you can pay using the eway secure payment gateway that is used for booking payments. This much more secure than telling the club your credit/debit card details via email or phone.

Alternatively you can pay by EFT but you have to log into the booking system to see the account details. Those details were removed from booking invoices some time ago. Now they will no longer appear on the subscription invoice.This avoids the increasing risk where hackers sometimes intercept emails and alter the account details to steal the money you transfer. If paying subs by EFT please use your member number as the payment reference.

You can log on to the booking system and go to menu Members/Pay Outstanding Subs, or follow the link on the invoice email. When following links, always check that the address it actually takes you to looks correct in the browser address bar (in this case and is marked as secure. Never pay or provide sensitive information if a site does not look right.

As always, payment is due by 31 January. If you do not receive an invoice or have any difficulties with the payent system, contact Proacct.
(Policy for Payment of Annual Subscriptions)