Toboggan Slope

The Windy Corner toboggan slope will have a magic carpet. Bookings are required, limiting the number on the slope to 50 at a time. A grant means that there will be no charge this season.

Road & Parking

An additional 160 car parks have been built using fill from the landslide. 

There is traffic light control of the single lane passing the landslide site. You may be delayed up to 15 minutes here. There is also another short section of road furter down the mountain under traffic light control.

As a safety precaution the road was closed overnight a while ago when more than 50mm of rain was forecast. The good news is that there was no movement at the landslide site despite 80mm of rain falling. This safety measure could be needed again. If you plan to travel when very high rainfall is forecast, you may wish to stick to daylight hours.

Medical Centre

Update - After hours service will now be available

The medical centre has missed out on the grant that normally supports their after hours service. Without it there will be no doctors available between 5pm and 10am. Efforts are continuing to have this reviewed.

People with a respiratory problem can be seen in a separate clinic but only if they have a negative RAT. A positive RAT means that a patient must seek help off mountain. 

The Medical Centre will now charge a set price "facility fee" for everyone and it will be much higher than normal doctors' fees: $150 for normal consultations and (I think) $550 for more complex matters.

See the for more information