This only affects people trying to pay for bookings while using a device with Trend Micro turned on. There is no security issue but you may not be able to make a payment.

We have been advised that the eway secure payment gateway used to pay for bookings may not work in some circumstances. Apparently the Trend Micro anti-virus software makes the payment page freeze. This problem is not something that the club or our booking system provider can fix. The payment screen is part of Eway, not the booking system. Eway are trying to find a work around but it looks like the problem lies with Trend Micro.

The booking system provider advises that if this happens to you, please

  1. Turn off Trend Micro for a few minutes while you make the payment
  2. If that works, please contact Trend Micro to tell them about the issue (the more complaints, the sooner it is likely to be fixed). You could also report it to Eway but that is less important
  3. Let This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. know so that we can let the booking system provider know
  4. Don't forget to turn Trend Micro back on

If necessary you can contact the Booking Officer to arrange alternative payment