Unfortunately some of the  minimum fee free opportunities were lost due to the bushfires. To make upfor this, nominimum fees will apply for the rest of the green season (to end April 2020).

Usually in summer the club needs to apply a minimum fee of $300 to cover the costs of opening and closing the lodge. This can be an obstacle for small groups wanting short stays. For the last few years we have waived the fee at popular times to encourage members and guests to enjoy Falls Creek in "green" season. For this summer, the following nights will not attract the minimum fee.

Occasion   Nights

Ignition (mountain bike season opening)

 Fri 22 Nov - Sat 23 Nov
Christmas - New Year  Sat 21 Dec - Sat 11 Jan
Australia Day  Fri 24 - Mon 27 Jan
Mountain Bike Interschools Wed 26 - Sat 29 Feb

Peaks Challenge / Labour Day  / Longest Lunch
(higher rates & extra services apply for Fri 6 - Sun 8)

 Fri 6 - Sat 14 Mar
Easter  Thur 9 - Tue 14 Apr