5 night bookings were introduced to cater for increasing member demand for shorter stays and for weekend bookings.

In general, 7 night (Sunday - Sunday) bookings take priority over 5 night (Sunday - Friday) bookings.

Whenever practical, the booking officer will hold a number of beds to provide for weekend bookings. Where there are not sufficient 5 night bookings to provide these weekend beds, the booking officer may restrict 7 night bookings.

Except for special cases such as opening weekend and race weekend, weekend bookings cannot be confirmed until

  • Members 19 days prior (Monday)
  • AAC reciprocal 16 days prior (Thursday)
  • Guests 15 days prior (Friday)

Members may submit weekend booking requests as soon as convenient, but bookings cannot be confirmed until the official weekend booking opening times.

Management of 7 night, 5 night and weekend bookings is at the sole discretion of the booking officer and is based on optimising occupancy and balancing member demand.