Last Update: 15 Nov 2022 

COVID restrictions have been lifted. 

If you are sick, be it Covid, Flu, Gastro or any other infectious disease, please consider the well-being of your fellow guests and restrict your movements in common areas such as the kitchen and dining areas. Consider wearing a mask if you are sick. 

If you become seriously ill while staying in the Lodge in Green Season, you will need to seek medical advice or call an ambulance. The Managers may not be present to assist you.

Our new Green season COVID Safe Plan is based on not imposing restrictions that are not legally mandated.


Due to the landslide near Bogong Village the committee has reluctantly decided to close the lodge. 

There is an ongoing landslide near Bogong Village and the road between Falls Creek and Mt Beauty is closed. The only access into and out of Falls Creek is via Omeo in the South or Mitta Mitta in the North. Services in the resort are currently very limited because most staff cannot feasibly travel to work. In the event of a serious incident, Emergency Services may need to travel from Omeo which is about 2 hours away from Falls Creek. Authorities expect that single lane access will be restored in February or early March 2023. All events at Falls Creek up to 10 March have been cancelled. The Lodge is expected to reopen on March 1, 2023 pending the road reopening and Resort services becoming available. The committee will monitor the situation and if Village access and Services improve, the re-opening date will be reviewed. We hope we can welcome you back for a stunning Autumn at Falls Creek!